All Facilities

Smart Class

All Classes are equipped with a sliding Green Board, behind which lies a powerful computer and Plasma TVs. Each of the computers is connected to Educomp Smartclass which contain audio/video modules regarding all subjects and topics. Teachers use the Board along with Educomp Modules to provide a thorough lesson to students.

All the computers are connected to the School's internal server which acts as a brain to all the machines.


The School provides Laptops to the students so that they can access Course Material from their Homes and be updated with all lessons.

Computer Labs

The School has a well equipped Computer Lab to provide practical classes for Computer Programming and all other practicals which require the use of a Computer.


Bio-metric devices are present to automate attendances of the the students. There is no need for the teachers to manually take attendances, which frees up lot of time which can be used productively.

Science Labs

The School is equipped with 3 Science Labs; Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Each of these labs help provide a practical education along with the theory that is taught to the students for a thorough and well rounded education.


The entire school is under CCTV surveillance 24*7 ensuring utmost security of the students.


The School has large playgrounds in which students play football, cricket, hockey, and other outdoor games.

Bus Services

The School provides bus services to nearby places for students to/from school.

To get more information about Bus Routes, please contact Front-Desk of the School.

Swimming Pool

The School has a well maintained Swimming Pool to provide swimming lessons to all students.


The School has 2 parks: A Science Park showcasing Scientific experiments, and A Children's Park for all students to play around.


The School provides breakfast, morning-snacks, lunch, and evening-snacks too all students. Dinner is provided to Hostelers.

The food is measured upto high standards and follows strict nutrition guidelines.


The school provides a fully facilitated Hostel for students from afar.

Music Room

The School has a fully equipped Music Room with myriad of Western and Classical Instruments for the students to pick up at their choosing and learn.


The school has a fully equipped Gymnasium for students to stay fit.

Games Room

The School has a fully equipped Games Room. All games equipment are kept here. Students can issue any game equipment they want to play during the Outdoor Period in the evening.

Assembly Hall

The School has a large assembly area where morning assembly takes place. The Area is also used for indoor functions and other activities.

Games Courts

The School has courts for Basketball, Volleyball, and Badminton.


The school has a large auditorium for students. Various activities take place here.


The School has an dedicated library with an enriched collection of books on myriad genres; including books on languages other than English, magazines, sundries, journals, newspapers, and everything else required for a well stocked library.


The school has an in-house infirmary with trained nurses to take care of any student(s) lapse in well-being in the school. The school also has a direct correlation with nearby hospitals to provide immediate help to students in case of emergency.