Life at School

Students come to school in the morning. Then they head to the assembly area for morning assembly.After the completion of the assembly, the students head for breakfast. After a hearty meal, the students head to their respective classes.After 4 period of studies, time for a break. The students head to the dining area for a fruity snacks. After snacks, the students head back to their respective classes. After 3 more periods of subjects, time for lunch! The students head for the dining area for their lunch. This is the longest break of the day. After a relaxing lunch, the students head back to their classes.After lunch session is generally geared towards more light subjects and extracurricular. After this session, time for outdoor activities.Students head to the playgrounds, courts, and parks for their outdoor activities. After the outdoor activities are over, the students head to the dining area for evening snacks.

Then pack your bags and head home for the day.

Life at Hostel

Students stay in Hostel in Dorms. The dorms are divided by age groups. The smaller kids live together with the warden/matron who looks after them. The middle and older kids live in separate dorms.

Life in Hostel is an unique experience. Students live together and share their lives with fellow colleagues. This strengthen bonds and creates friendships which lasts a lifetime.

Students study, play, and eat together. All their activities are supervised by wardens, matrons, and other teachers.

Food & Nutrition

The school makes no compromises in the nutrition of the students. All the food are prepared in-house with strict guidelines regarding nutrition. The food provided is fresh and measured to high quality standards.